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Guitar strings thrum under the flashing pick, rolling out lush chords as the flute player's fingers begin their rise and fall in muscular waves over the instrument's small black holes, and the fiddler's bow dips and rolls. The music drifts through the room as a clear voice lifts in song, and a new freshet of the music's ancient river springs forth again from the highlands of North Carolina.

The Magills play original, innovative music with power and grace, rooted in the Celtic and Appalachian traditions, and ranging from the stately and exquisite to the wildly beautiful. We are available solo, as a duet or trio. Our music has been featured on North Carolina Public Television, with a sound that is both timeless and contemporary, and adaptable enough to fit almost any playing situation, including:


Our concert sets feature energetic and entertaining performances suitable for festivals, clubs and other listening venues, including instrumentals, original and traditional ballads and novelty songs on six or more instruments.

We are available for workshops on the music andinstruments we play, as well as songwriting, composition, and music as a profession. Some private lessons may also be available.
With nearly twenty-five years experience providing music for weddings, we feature Celtic and light classical prenuptial and ceremonial music, songs on request and reception music from the light and airy to music suitable for dancing. We are happy to learn special music if requested. Here's what some of our clients have said.
We can present a variety of fun, age-appropriate school programs depending on the client's goals. Such performances can include music as a participatory celebration, the historical development of our instruments, the cultural context of traditional music, the physics of sound, the structure of music, folk music as social history and more.
For private parties and receptions we offer a number of performance options to complement the occasion.
Performances can be crafted in a variety of ways to suit the requirements of corporate retreats, receptions, banquets and other ceremonies.